SEO & Internet Marketing

Website Design & Optimisation
If you have a website for your business already that’s great.  In order to achieve and maintain search engine rankings you’ll want to ensure that your software allows you to continue to create and add new SEO content easily and quickly without the need for technical assistance. Creating highly relevant, fresh, authoritative content increases your websites performance with both the search engines and your potential customers.

Using a Content Management System (CMS) software like WordPress (rather than a static website) enables you to be in control of your content marketing so that you can connect with your customers, flexibly, on your terms.  WordPress creates beautiful well structured websites that search engines and visitors love, and business owners find a joy to use.  

A well optimised website will address how friendly the structure, content, flow, processes, coding, script, sitemaps, links, meta data etc. are to both the search engines and your sites visitors through their experience of your website.  The web does not display the same across different internet browsers and mobile devices.  It goes without saying that you need your site to render correctly for each of these so that you don’t loose out on valuable traffic sources.

Marketeers apply search engine optimised (SEO) content and search engine marketing (SEM) methods to generate traffic or visitors in a scaleable way. A fixed investment delivers higher rankings with diminishing cost per click over time – a good, sustainable strategy with unbeatable ROI over the long term.

Marketeers do not optimise website design for visual impact. Marketeers optimise thought sequences occurring as visitors experience a website by applying potentially small modifications that can influence huge changes in the mind. Employ a website  designer with poor marketing experience at your peril.

Passionate Marketing will provide ‘done for you’ or ‘done with you’ WordPress CMS websites to match your budget.  Find out more about WP Velocity here

Find out more about WordPress here

Quality Link Building
A critical element of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is Off Page SEO – Link Building back to your website, or ‘back links’.  This shows the search engines that others online are voting your content for quality and relevance, and gives your site authority.

A comprehensive online marketing strategy will also consider where it is appropriate to create quality back link programmes to other web content property to achieve  massive impact on Google search engine rankings.

Beware; not all links are equal and some can actually have a damaging affect on your SEO efforts.  Search engines like to see natural, organic back link growth to your site that represent the way your content is found, shared or referenced. You will need highly relevant, high quality and high quantity of links.  This takes well designed  manual submission and time.

Passionate Marketing manual link building services can take the form of varied options tailored to your short and long term marketing strategy.  Long term, quick campaign burst, local area etc.

Social Media Marketing
There is much confusion over social media marketing (SMM) and achievable return on investment.

Effective social media marketing comes down to being clear on the business objective and engaging customers using the platforms they are proactive on to generate high quality referral traffic to your website. Poor social media marketing practices waste time, create noise across the internet akin to spamming and result in poor quality connections that don’t match your customer profile.  

Today’s currency on the internet is engagement. People want to participate in the conversation. A good social media marketing programme will have the objective of driving traffic to a quality interactive ‘brand’ website – an environment considered trusted and safe – to influence a desired action.  

Social media engagement will ensure that everything is geared toward the right exposure to people who will genuinely endorse you, creating a quality network of supporters.  Involvement breads commitment. These people take action that help you reach a wider, relevant audience of likeminded people who are looking for exactly what you offer.  This results in highly qualified, earned traffic (as opposed to paid) visiting your site, with increased conversions and very high ROI.

I believe that as an entrepreneur your business is and extension of your passion, and as such receives vision, energy, insight, intuition, drive, creativity, tenacity, personality, fun and so much more.  It’s critical to stand out from the crowd and social media is the ideal way to for you to achieve this by conveying your passion for what you do.  People want and expect to connect with you on some level in order to know, like and trust you – leading to more committed relationships.

It is essential that your presence is part of the mix but you can’t and shouldn’t do it all.  Getting busy on social media without a strategy or the skills to optimise your efforts to maximise your impact is likely to lead to overwhelm and disillusionment.  Content creation, and curation, and the optimisation of content and engagement on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. is a learned skill.  

Passionate Marketing can help you design and deliver a social media marketing strategy that works for your business and budget.  Social media marketing coaching will enable you to implement relatively inexpensive campaigns entirely yourself.  
Alternatively you can opt to maximise your time and budget by requesting design and sourcing of content together with social media management.  

Email Marketing
Email marketing is possibly the most highly targeted and responsive method of communication you can use in your business.  Email marketing has other considerable advantages that should be seriously considered.

You have three types of traffic at your disposal on the internet; that which you buy, that which you have no control over and that which you already own – your list or database of prospects and existing customers. The latter is your channel to high conversions through exceptionally well targeted customers at exceptionally low cost, delivering exceptionally high ROI.

People open emails from people they want to hear from.  If someone has volunteered their contact details to you they have signalled an interest in what you do or what you offer.  It is your job as the passionate ambassador of your business to use this very direct channel to give them what they want. Email marketing done correctly nurtures a relationship so that even the most tentative of interest can be developed into buying customers.

Email marketing is efficient, and flexible and provides essential analytical data to enable you to track engagement and sales, test and segment on many different levels. All at the touch of a button, with immediate delivery and accuracy.  There are no time restrictions in terms of global zones or campaign delivery. Emails can be real time or automated, single broadcast or automated sequenced delivery over any time frame.   

Importantly, for you as an entrepreneur with huge passion and limited resources,  email marketing is incredibly efficient and personable. It integrates with your blog to maximise and re-purpose highly optimised content from your brands HQ and it blends seamlessly into social media and the benefits of word of mouth with all the usual social indicator buttons included.  Less work on your part with maximised potential to connect and engage.

Passionate marketing will consider email marketing as part of your overall business marketing strategy or consider one off email marketing campaigns for you.

PPC Campaigns
Paid traffic is the most immediate and scalable. A well designed and executed Pence Per Click (PPC) campaign can deliver very highly targeted traffic in huge volumes right when you need it.  If you are not skilled in this form of auction advertising it can also cost you a lot of money to deliver zero traffic.
PPC costs are directly related to the size of your campaign.  Buy more traffic, pay more for it – in almost direct proportion. This makes PPC highly quantifiable through precise tracking with clear cost control and ROI.

PPC enables extremely well targeted campaigns (including geographic or seasonal) that can be fine tuned real time in response to analytics.  You only pay for the click, not the impression, and once you have received the traffic you can maximise it’s potential to convert by using retargeting techniques that can ‘follow’ your prospect around the internet.

PPC can be used very effectively to perform market research.  Not sure what product name or service description to use? Pay for some clicks to split test and immediately discover what the general public are really drawn to.

Passionate marketing will research, analyse and structure PCC campaigns to include cost effective keyword selection, copy & landing page advice, implementation and account management across multiple (and targeted) search engines.  Please also ask about other paid media services.  

Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management (ORM) is about gaining full control over the impression your online personal and business reputation creates.  It can take years of effort to build a reputation that your audience knows, likes and trusts.  Yet it can take only minutes for reviews, personal vendettas, your competition, disgruntled customers or ex-employees to seriously damage.

What makes the internet great as a diverse marketing tool; blogs, forums, social media, video, star ratings, reviews – empowering people to express their opinions and experiences, can far too easily become your biggest hinderance to even reaching your target audience.  Even the absence of activity in these places can be damaging you!

A damaging online impression will not go away unless you address it directly and comprehensively.  It is possible to turn a poor image around extremely quickly by burying negative presence deep down in search engine indexing where they will have little or no impact.  

Want a double whammy? – Positive reputation management increases positive visibility, recent engagement and social proof which in turn influences search engine rankings, which in turn fosters increased engagement and higher conversions.

Passionate marketing will go above and beyond your expectation to deliver a custom  comprehensive solution with clearing plans and brand enhancement to bury issues and create a lasting, positive impression.