Reporting & Analytics

Customised Dashboard
If you are serious about the success of your business it is critical that you know your numbers in order to learn what is working and improve on it to grow your revenue and profits.  

Your online properties and marketing campaigns will generate numerous project delivery and traffic reports, and analytics from different sources.  All this information can be overwhelming and result in no action – and creating a headache!  

In order to improve your sales and conversions, you need to be able to act on all this data. You need to collect it from these multiple sources, you then need to consolidate it to a usable format and you need to be able to translate the impact that it has on your business to make corrections and improvements that will increase your profits.

Passionate Marketing will simplify your management and decision making by providing you with a personally configurable, highly intuitive, single dashboard that allows you to take control of the level of data you see and use.  

Your customised dashboard and project management space will enable you to collaborate in this online environment with Passionate Marketing and any other team members in your business.  You automate Create report templates to auto email.

This frees you to manage by exception whilst having access to all the levels of data laying beneath.   

Project Management
As a passionate small business owner you’ve gained the specialised knowledge to understand the resources you need to carry out your marketing efforts, now is the time to hand it over to the team that can best deliver it.

Your personal value lies in what you put into your core products and services.  This is where you want to invest your energy, safe in the knowledge and confidence  that the investment and decisions you make in your marketing efforts are being implemented professionally.

Project management creates a seamless journey from campaign planning and design, through execution of the technical and mechanical tasks, taking corrective action by means of early intervention where appropriate, and completion.  Project management provides you with transparent, real time monitoring and reporting which you can access and drill into whenever you like so you can see (and question) the progress that is being made on your campaign.

Passionate Marketing project management comes as part of the service, always delivering your campaign goals and objectives within the agreed scope, time and budget and to the highest quality. We don’t walk away at that point! We de-brief and review to consider how successful the campaign was, help you identify the ROI and consider a continuation or change of direction to maximise the potential for increased profits.

SEO Ranking Reports
Once you commit to your SEO campaign you are likely going to want to observe not only the end result but also the effect of the execution of its role out.  Tracking your rise to the first page of Google can be addictive!

Pearson’s Law states: ‘That which is measured improves.  That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.’

To ensure the exponential improvement of your search engine rankings, Passionate Marketing compile extremely comprehensive reports for all SEO activity.  This enables us to gain clear evidence of what is working and take immediate action where required to keep your campaign moving with speed.  

All our SEO Ranking Reports are available to you live and we encourage your interrogation to improve performance.  Reports provide complete audits of work completed. Daily and local rankings are helpful for any short term ‘hit’ campaigns.  Reports are very user friendly in both numerical and visual format in both static and rolling time frames. Individual search engine successes can be compared by visual overlay.  You will see simple, clear evidence of the overall success of your campaign relative to investment made.

Visitor Analytics
Analytics are critical to online marketeers, the metrics available are the most powerful tool you have to improving any and all areas of your online marketing activities to assist you in increasing your sales and profits.

Are you comfortable with complex numbers? In the hands of a master it seems that website wizardry can be achieved but the pure nature of analytics can leave most people confused and bewildered.    

When it comes down to it you want to learn which campaigns are cost effective and creating the best ROI.  You will achieve this by evaluating where your traffic comes from with a level meaningful of detail to enable you to make smart decisions about where you invest your time, money and energy moving forward.  

Other valuable data will tell you how visitors actually interact with your site. You will gain insight into which pages and processes work and be empowered to correct any issues and make improvements that can increase your conversions and profits.

Passionate Marketing Visitor Analytics include the all detail provided by Google Analytics but simplified for easy translation into the impact that it has on your business.
24/7 Online Live Access
The ideal scenario for a passionate small business owner with limited resource is to be able to access all of your data, simplified, in a secure environment where you can collaborate with a professional team and to be able to do that flexibly.

Passionate Marketing provide you with 24/7 live access to your customised online dashboard with mobile interface so you can be productive on your terms.  Multiple user level access allows your consulting and implementation team to work seamlessly with yourself and any of your own team members in a secure environment to keep your campaigns moving forward to achieve quicker results, which means quicker ROI, more conversions and more profits.