Online Marketing Audit & Planning

Optimal SEO Keyword Research

The further into your marketing plan you get the more you realise that the way your customers will find you through the search engines comes back to the keywords they type in to find what they are looking for.  Keywords, therefore, need to be fundamental to your plan, and it’s the part that most people get wrong.

There is no secret to selecting the right keywords. There are many free and premium tools on the market to help you.  Keyword and phrase selection is, however, an art that comes with experience.  The key ingredient is the expertise to find, decipher and select which of the broad v exact, long tail v short tail, information search v buyer phrases etc. will deliver results in your market.

Keyword research is a repetitive and mechanical task that you can invest a lot of time in.  Personal, valuable time that would best serve your business in other ways.  Although entrepreneurs tend to be excited by the challenge of beating their competitors keyword strategy, your best input into this task is at the higher level of initial and ongoing direction, and strategy review.

Passionate Marketing provides initial keyword research free of charge to all clients.

Online Brand Analysis
Your Online Brand is how your presence all over the internet comes together to personify you or your brand/products/services.  Do you really understand how your brand is represented on the internet, or indeed, how to proactively design how your brand is represented on the internet?

With multiple presence across blogs, social media platforms, forums, content publications etc.  Are you using these and are they serving your brand to optimal effect? Or do you fear they are misrepresenting or harming you and your message?

Online Brand Analysis will discover your current online presence and what needs to be done to align your online footprint with your overall marketing messages.  Achieve a clearer message, connect with more active followers with potential to buy from you and achieve more conversions to paying customers.
Passionate Marketing can either coach you to implement the essential elements of your online brand yourself.  Alternatively, have you positioned speedily for maximum effect on your sales and conversions by managing the big picture for you.

Local Presence Analysis
Local area marketing requires a different take on how to best optimise your internet presence.  From keyword research to local directories and citations.  There is method behind optimising these to improve your SEO so that you appear more often and higher in the search engines to gain more enquiries and more customers.

Obtaining a clear picture of what level local presence you currently have online will empower you to take the action needed to increase awareness through very simple methods at very low or no cost at all.

Passionate Marketing provides initial Local Presence Analysis free of charge to all clients.

Competition Analysis
The most effective way to rise above your competition in terms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is to ethically backwards engineer what they have implemented, to better effect.

Online competition analysis should be addressed from two perspectives; technical implementation (SEO), and the fundamentals of direct marketing practiced in website  design.  

Competition Analysis will provide you an actionable plan to increase and maintain rankings and market position in the search engines.  This in turn will improve your ability to connect with and convert potential customers.

Passionate Marketing can provide the coaching, tools or total services to raise your online performance, elevating you above your competition.

Customer Experience
The way your customers experience your business from their very first touch point – creating awareness, to their after sales treatment will dictate (at each individual stage) as to whether they will continue to move forward, repeat purchase, or increase their value of purchase with you.

Visitors to your website have tolerances and anxieties that dictate their actions.  You should understand your customers journey from their point of view and design your website and marketing campaigns to guide them without having to think, removing all possible barriers to taking the actions you want them to.   

A customer focused design that is intuitive and friendly, based on thought processes appropriate to where the customer is in their relationship with you will lead to more conversions through your site.  There is a whole industry called UX (user experience design) dedicated to optimising the user experience.  Don’t expect to achieve that on your own.

Passionate Marketing will review your current user experience and recommend changes to improve your conversions.

Marketing Strategy
Lets take a look at the foundations of your marketing.  

Your business must stand out from your competition as exceptional with a clearly unique business offering, establish credibility quickly and have a compelling call to action to move your customers with you.  Your visitors must understand it, then believe it, then decide that they want it and that they cannot get that from anywhere else.

Assuming that you have a business plan that includes a gap analysis of where you are now and where you want to be, and a revenue plan of how you are going to achieve it, you should also have a marketing plan detailing all the elements and processes in your business that build your unique offering and lead to sales.  

Most businesses don’t identify this complete plan which makes it very difficult to review and improve upon to deliver better outcomes with more sales (or even an initial positive position!).  Having a marketing blueprint to follow gives you complete clarity and control which is key to learning what is working as your business grows and improving it along the way.

Online marketing is where you will gain the leverage of scalability and automation using varied business models that focus on the online environment.  An effective marketing plan should encompass and translate into all areas of your business including off line and off line to online strategies.

Passionate Marketing will audit your existing marketing strategy (currently documented or not), help you define an action plan to reach your most ideal, most profitable customers – including extensive use multiple digital media marketing strategies.