Optimal Keyword Research
The further into your marketing plan you get the more you realise that the way your customers will find you through the search engines comes back to the keywords they type in to find what they are looking for.  Keywords, therefore, need to be fundamental to your plan, and it’s the part that most people get wrong.

Online Brand Analysis
Your Online Brand is how your presence all over the internet comes together to personify you or your brand/products/services.  Do you really understand how your brand is represented on the internet, or indeed, how to proactively design how your brand is represented on the internet?

Local Presence Analysis
Local area marketing requires a different take on how to best optimise your internet presence.  From keyword research to local directories and citations.  There is method behind optimising these to improve your SEO so that you appear more often and higher in the search engines to gain more enquiries and more customers.

Competition Analysis
The most effective way to rise above your competition in terms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is to ethically backwards engineer what they have implemented, to better effect.

Customer Experience
The way your customers experience your business from their very first touch point - creating awareness, to their after sales treatment will dictate (at each individual stage) as to whether they will continue to move forward, repeat purchase, or increase their value of purchase with you.

Marketing Strategy
Lets take a look at the foundations of your marketing.  

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Website Design & Optimisation
If you have a website for your business already that’s great.  In order to achieve and maintain search engine rankings you’ll want to ensure that your software allows you to continue to create and add new SEO content easily and quickly without the need for technical assistance. Creating highly relevant, fresh, authoritative content increases your websites performance with both the search engines and your potential customers.

Quality Link Building
A critical element of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is Off Page SEO - Link Building back to your website, or ‘back links’.  This shows the search engines that others online are voting your content for quality and relevance, and gives your site authority.

Social Media Marketing
There is much confusion over social media marketing (SMM) and achievable return on investment.

Effective social media marketing comes down to being clear on the business objective and engaging customers using the platforms they are proactive on to generate high quality referral traffic to your website. Poor social media marketing practices waste time, create noise across the internet akin to spamming and result in poor quality connections that don’t match your customer profile.  

Email Marketing
Email marketing is possibly the most highly targeted and responsive method of communication you can use in your business.  Email marketing has other considerable advantages that should be seriously considered.

PPC Campaigns
Paid traffic is the most immediate and scalable. A well designed and executed Pence Per Click (PPC) campaign can deliver very highly targeted traffic in huge volumes right when you need it.  If you are not skilled in this form of auction advertising it can also cost you a lot of money to deliver zero traffic.

Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management (ORM) is about gaining full control over the impression your online personal and business reputation creates.  It can take years of effort to build a reputation that your audience knows, likes and trusts.  Yet it can take only minutes for reviews, personal vendettas, your competition, disgruntled customers or ex-employees to seriously damage.

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Customised Dashboard
If you are serious about the success of your business it is critical that you know your numbers in order to learn what is working and improve on it to grow your revenue and profits.  

Project Management
As a passionate small business owner you’ve gained the specialised knowledge to understand the resources you need to carry out your marketing efforts, now is the time to hand it over to the team that can best deliver it.

SEO Ranking Reports
Once you commit to your SEO campaign you are likely going to want to observe not only the end result but also the effect of the execution of its role out.  Tracking your rise to the first page of Google can be addictive!

Visitor Analytics
Analytics are critical to online marketeers, the metrics available are the most powerful tool you have to improving any and all areas of your online marketing activities to assist you in increasing your sales and profits.

24/7 Online Live Access
The ideal scenario for a passionate small business owner with limited resource is to be able to access all of your data, simplified, in a secure environment where you can collaborate with a professional team and to be able to do that flexibly.

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