A warm welcome to Passionate Marketing by Saz Bailey….

Born of my own experiences as an ‘inspired’ entrepreneur.

Wanting to pursue my passions, having fantastic new business ideas, setting out to build a new business, really wanting to go for it, enjoying the buzz of learning on my feet and making things happen…..

…….then thinking that just because I have the ability to do all my marketing, I should spend my time actually doing the whole complex jigsaw myself, running into way too many barriers to real success, feeling overwhelmed and burn’t out, grinding to a stop and finally – hitting the point of ‘make or break’.  Know the feeling?

Frustrated, disillusioned and knowing with absolute certainty that many, many passionate entrepreneurs are failing to succeed for the same reasons, I created the solution that I needed myself:

End to end passionate marketing for passionate entrepreneurs!

  • Enjoy peace of mind that you are in the safe hands of someone who is bizarrely as obsessed as you are with your business and getting your marketing strategy right.
  • Have confidence in the expertise, knowledge and industry network that can bring a complete strategy together, to deliver results for you and your business.
  • Relish in the freedom to focus your personal energy on the things that you are most passionate about, where you can make a real difference.

I have a long and varied history in new business and proposition development, sales and marketing, coupled with in depth experience of online business and digital media marketing. All starting way back when it was all only really happening in the USA.  

This unique mix of perspective and skill set enables me to look strategically at your business as a whole.  I’m a total strategy geek – I love to work through the intricacies of the really big picture and then I’m able to complement that with really focused expertise in Personal Online Branding, Digital and Online Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.  

Looking back I really regret that despite my experience and knowledge, and just like most people trying to build an online presence, I wasted far too much of my own time and energy trying to implement all the parts of online marketing.  Either trying to do it myself because I didn’t trust others to do it right, or getting lost and frustrated in the process of outsourcing tasks to various other parties.  I just shouldn’t have been doing all that stuff.

When I took my own advice and got crystal clear on my business objective of helping entrepreneurs by pass the pain and fast track to success, I made some easy and speedy decisions to stop spending my time on the wrong things and use my personal resources only where they have most impact on my business.

My role as an entrepreneur is to use my specialised knowledge to identify the right resources, then to source the right team to deliver what I need. It took me a while to realise that I wasn’t doing this with my own marketing because it is my own area of skills.  I was limiting myself.  Now I have built a network of people, products and services that provide the solution I needed to deliver my own marketing and for the customers that I now work with.

I created Passionate Marketing consultancy and online managed services.

There is no single right way to ‘do’ online marketing.  Marketing is simply the practice of a process that results in sales.  Therefore, passionate marketing results in sales to customers who are passionate about your offering.  The most enjoyable and profitable scenario you can hope for!

So here I am ready, willing and able to help you get your ideal business in front of your ideal clients.

We can have a chat about that if you fill in the form to the top right.

Saz is a UK Internet Entrepreneur Coach: Connecting Passion with Success.

More Passion, More Money, More Life!

Helping people create a scaleable, profitable business doing exactly what they are passionate about so they can have more money whilst enjoying more of life.